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Project 2 is due on Thursday May 3 by 5 PM. Electronic submission required.
Selected project 1 results.
Comparison of different texture metrics.
Image Compression Information and notes

Class Information

Instructor: Dr. Julie A. Dickerson
Office: 3123 Coover Hall, 294-7705
Schedule, Office Hours TH 3:30-5, F9-10 at my Coover Office.
Alternate Office: 2624E Howe Hall, 294-6399
Class Time: TTh 2-3:30
Location: Marston 205
Final Exam: Monday April 30, 12-2 PM
Textbook: Milan Sonka, Vaclav Hlavac, and Roger Boyle, Image Processing, Analysis, and Machine Vision The book (2nd Edition) is published by PWS - an Imprint of Brooks and Cole Publishing in 1998, ISBN 0-534-95393-X. Extra text materials.

Useful Reference Texts (on reserve at Parks Library)
R.C. Gonzalez and P. Wintz, Digital Image Processing,  Second Edition, Addison-Wesley: Reading, MA, 1987. (placed on reserve)
K,R, Castleman, Digital Image Processing, Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, NJ, 1996. (placed on reserve)
Anil K. Jain,  Fundamentals of digital image processing, Englewood Cliffs, NJ : Prentice Hall, c1989. ISBN 0133361659 , TA1632 .J35 1989. (placed on reserve)
Wolberg, G., Image Warping, IEEE Computer Society Press: Los Alamitos, CA, 1990.
Course Description in Catalog: Image fundamentals. Image transforms-Fourier, cosine, Karhunen-Loeve. Stochastic models-autoregression, linear prediction. Enhancement-histogram equalization, smoothing, sharpening. Restoration-Wiener filter, least-squares filter, maximum entropy. Reconstruction-Radon transform, back projection, computed tomography, deconvolution. Coding-error free, predictive, transform. Edge detection.

Image Processing Links

NASA Photo Archives
Great site for downloading images of astronomical phenomena, airplanes, and rockets.
EE528 Demos - the demonstrations for EE528 created by Shreekanth Mandayam, updated by Julie Dickerson.
Face recognition homepage - includes some neat demos and a listing of commercial products
Routines for Matlab for image processing at Mathtools. Click on the topic Image Processing.
Bibliography for computer vision from the Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems School of Engineering (IRIS) University of Southern California, excellent summary of topics and papers.
Ken Castleman's Pixel Page

Signal Processing Links

The MathWorks, Inc.    For information about MATLAB products.
Information on setting up a web page on the ISU public server can be found here. You can edit your html code using composer in Netscape or CosmoCreate on the SGI network. The pages do not have to be fancy, just some basic text and the images.

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