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ISU CMS Student Tips

ISU CMS provides connections to employers who want to hire Iowa State University Engineering students. Employers post job listings and interviews in the database. ISU CMS depends upon your action to submit your resume for listings and interviews. Students may apply for interviews and job listings by submitting a resume. Employers may have qualifications for interview schedules.

Access ISU CMS at If you have forgotten your password, click the tab Forgot my Pass. You will receive an e-mail in a few minutes. If there are problems, email for assistance to access ISU CMS.

For your benefit, follow the suggestions below to learn how to use ISU CMS more effectively. Access the Events tab before the fair:

Under Career Fairs, click Spring Career Fairs.
Under the Participants tab click the arrow for Day, choose the Engineering option and Apply Search.
Choose the Advance Search tab and select the Type of Employment, your major and click submit.
Clicking either the Employer Name or the website provides valuable information.


Why is your Profile important? How do you change the information?
This information qualifies you for access to jobs and interviews. In Academic Information the important qualifiers are:

Graduation date
Applicant type
Work authorization

In the Applicant Type, Experiential Education refers to either summer, intern or co-op employment. If either the Personal or Academic Information is incorrect, it must be changed through AccessPlus. This information is downloaded from the Registrar once a week.


How do you upload your resume into ISU CMS?
Click Documents on the header, then Add New and Browse to find where your document is stored. We suggest labeling your resume with your last name, first name. In some cases, the employer may see the label. If you have multiple resumes, use a distinctive professional label. You may upload up to 30 different resumes/documents.

How do you edit your resume/documents after uploading?
You edit the resume/document outside of ISU CMS and upload the edited version. You need to withdraw and resubmit any resumes/documents in order for the employer to have current information. In Documents under Options you can delete old resumes/documents.


Where can you find the most extensive list of employment opportunities?

Click the Jobs tab on the header.
On the right, click Show List with Status; this list includes job listings and interviews.

What do the initials mean in the column entitled Show List with Status & Type?

P = Pre-select appears if employers establish qualifications for on-campus interviews. If you fit the qualifications or screening criteria, you may submit your resume for the company to review. If you are selected, you may sign up for an interview time. If interested, sign up quickly. Deadlines are important. The steps in this process are important and are covered below in the Interview section.
O = Open appears if the on-campus interview schedule appears in your account, you may choose a time on the schedule. If interested, sign up quickly. Deadlines are important.
J = Job Listing. Take advantage of submitting your resume for these positions. There may be qualifications in the job descriptions, if you qualify submit your resume. The company will collect resumes and follow-up directly with students. The company has not committed to on-campus interviews.
CF = appears prior to the fair. Research with the Advanced Search tab and read the information to visit with the companies at the fair. Also search for interview schedules the day after the fair.

How can you “filter” some of the jobs that do not apply for engineering students?
In the Jobs tab on the left click the tab Advanced Search:
In Show Me select All Jobs & Interviews.
Select your major by clicking Majors/Concentrations.
For the statement, Ignores Jobs with all Majors Selected click Yes
Choose the appropriate dropdown for Position Type. Experiential Education is summer, intern or co-op work experience. Click Submit.

How do you submit your resume for a job listing?

On the Job Postings page, click the Title.
Read the Job Description on the left.
On the right, your resume is submitted in the Application Status dropdown. Clicking Submit means the employer will electronically receive access to your resume. Employers NEVER see your resume unless you submit your document. Employers do not browse through the system.


How do you view interview schedules and submit a resume?

On your ISU CMS Home under Quick Links click Campus Interviews I Qualify For or click the Jobs header.
In Show Me select Interview I Qualify For or All Jobs & Interviews.
Select your major by clicking Majors/Concentrations.
Click Search. Click the Job Title.
Read the Job Description on the left.
On the right, the Application Status box is the place to submit your resume.
If you can not submit your resume, you can see why you do not qualify. Scrolling down to the Screening Criteria shows how your Profile does not fit the qualifications or the resume submission date either has not started or has ended.

Why is submitting a resume important?
Clicking Submit means the employer will electronically receive access to your resume. Resume Books ARE NOT CREATED. You action is responsible for the employers having access to your resume.

How can you submit a resume if you do not meet the qualifications or screening criteria?
Send your cover letter and resume to the contact listed on the Job Postings page. If available, the contact information appears on the left side of the screen. It is recommended that you develop a spreadsheet to keep contact information because it will disappear when the posting is no longer active.

If you talk to a company at the career fair and they ask you to apply through ISU CMS, what action do you take if you do not qualify?
E-mail your contact from the career fair and let the person know you do not qualify and why. Ask your contact to e-mail and request that ECS submit your resume to enter the pool of applicants for selection.

What happens after you submit your resume to a company for an interview schedule?
For a Pre-select schedule after you are selected, you will have an ALERT on your homepage. Click the hot link that takes you to the Position Information page. In the upper right hand corner, you have the option to select a time.
For an Open schedule click Interviews I Qualify For under Quick Links on your homepage or you can access the same information by clicking the Jobs header and under Show Me you may select Interviews I Qualify For. Choose the position Title and if there are available time slots, you may choose a time.
If interested in a pre-select or open schedule, sign up quickly. Deadlines are important.

How are you notified if you have been pre-selected or chosen as an alternate?
You receive an Alert on your ISU CMS Home or you can click on Interviews on your ISU CMS header. You do not receive an e-mail. Check your ISU CMS account frequently.

How are you notified when a pre-select schedule goes to open sign-up?
You receive a system generated e-mail if you previously submitted your resume for pre-selection.

Where can you see a list of companies where you have submitted your resume?
Click Interviews on your ISU CMS header; click Interview Requests.

Where can you see a list of scheduled interview dates/times? How do you cancel/change an interview time?
At Home under Quick Links click Schedule Campus Interviews. To cancel or change the interview, choose the appropriate interview schedule. Click Cancel Interview or the Reschedule under the Interview Details section. If you are rescheduling, you will have choices of other times. If you are no longer interested in the employer, cancel the interview no later than 48 hours before the scheduled time.

What happens if you miss a scheduled interview?
Your ISU CMS is blocked. Our employers make travel plans in advance and their time is valuable. Your account is unblocked when you write a letter of apology to the recruiter. Stop by room 308 in Marston Hall to acquire the name and address of the recruiter and write the letter within five days after the missed interview. Prepare a formal business letter. When the letter is complete, bring the letter with an open stamped addressed envelope to room 308 in Marston Hall. If you send your letter of apology via e-mail, please copy If you commit a second infraction, your account is disabled until you meet with Engineering Career Service personnel to petition for re-instatement of the use of your account.

Are Information Sessions important?
Information Sessions are accessed from the Events header. If you have a scheduled interview, it is important to attend the information session. If you were not invited to interview and the session is open, this is an excellent opportunity to network with the company.

Please make an appointment to discuss your specific questions.
Engineering Career Services
308 Marston
515-294-3553 phone